Websol Projects: Manchester Business Directory

“Solutions For Innovation” is more than just the Websol tagline. It is our reason for being. Outside of our web and graphic services, we invest into the development of Websol projects targeting primarily small businesses. One such project has been the Manchester Business Directory (MBiz Direct). MBiz Direct aims to create a network of businesses and skilled workers in and around the Manchester region and connecting them with potential customers.… Read More »Websol Projects: Manchester Business Directory

Online Branding

Branding is one of the most important assets that any company can develop. Whether large or small a brand has tremendous impact on a company. Most  of us today are familiar with the building block of online presence: websites, social media, reviews and so on. But what we often fail to recognise is that merely having a “presence” isn’t enough to get your company’s name out to the people who… Read More »Online Branding

Importance of Search Engine Optimisation

Have you ever wondered why when searching for a website or business, sometimes the link you may be looking for seems to be lost in the search results? Why isn’t  your site in the top ten or even on the first page of the search results?Well this is achieved through a process known as search engine optimisation. This is the process of structuring a web site so that it is found, read,… Read More »Importance of Search Engine Optimisation

When to Redesign Your Website

It is often a difficult decision within an organisation/business as to whether to do a website redesign or not. More often than not there will actually be a genuine need to fully redesign a website. I like to tell my clients who are considering redesigning that “IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX IT”. There are however certain things to look out for that indicate that it may be time to… Read More »When to Redesign Your Website

Why does your business need a website?

Despite the growth in Internet Businesses and the surge of consumers that browse the internet for service providers and retailers, there is still a large gap in the number of small businesses who employ the use of social media and websites to promote their businesses. We find that this number increases in the less urban areas in Jamaica. I have deduced that it is either these businesses don’t think they… Read More »Why does your business need a website?

Technology and Your Small Business

It has often been the belief of small business owners, that technology is not a necessary fixture in their business. That the business can function just as well with little to no use of technology. For this reason, especially in Jamaica, many small businesses still operate on a pen and paper basis or using very outdated technology. When I talk about technology in your business, i’m not talking about the… Read More »Technology and Your Small Business