Websol Projects: Manchester Business Directory

“Solutions For Innovation” is more than just the Websol tagline. It is our reason for being. Outside of our web and graphic services, we invest into the development of Websol projects targeting primarily small businesses. One such project has been the Manchester Business Directory (MBiz Direct).

MBiz Direct aims to create a network of businesses and skilled workers in and around the Manchester region and connecting them with potential customers. It takes away the pressures and exorbitant expenses associated with business promotion and leaves room for small businesses to focus on improvement and growth of products and services.

So why should our Online Directory be of interest to anyone?

One of the hardest things to accomplish as a small business is reaching and connecting with potential clients. If we have a budget that allows, then we can always spend on marketing to get our names out there.For most small businesses however we find ourselves taking a leap with limited finances to bring our dreams to life.

The benefits of MBiz Direct are two-fold:

1. For the business or the skilled worker (electrician, plumber, tailor etc) they have a low-cost platform they can use to get their name/brand out there to potential customers and grow themselves.

2. For the consumer who is looking for businesses and workers in their area that can meet their needs, the directory aims to be a one stop shop for all things located in Manchester.

You may now be asking, “what do I get if I register on this site?”. The answer is:

  • 30 days featured on the home page as a NEW LISTING
  • Freedom to create and edit your business listing profile
  • Unlimited photos and videos showcasing your products/services
  • Inclusion in all of MDB social media marketing campaigns
  • Option to be a fixture on the homepage (additional cost)
  • Hassle Free promotion of your business

Don’t hesitate on the opportunity to connect with businesses and potential customers alike. Contact us at (876)896-5054 or mbizdirect@gmail.com.

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